Roll Forming as a Bending Process in a Metal Fabrication Environment

Last week, we detailed the advantages of press braking, comparing it to roll forming a metal fabrication bending process. Although they have little in common, other than process category, both are important and have many uses. More than anything, choosing one over the other depends mainly on the end product undergoing fabrication. This week, we’ll … Continue reading “Roll Forming as a Bending Process in a Metal Fabrication Environment”

Press Braking vs. Roll Forming in Metal Fabrication

Press braking and roll forming are both types of metal bending and forming, but besides the fact that they both fall under the same basic process type, they have little else in common. Both processes are important, and both have distinct advantages and disadvantages, and their appropriate use depends entirely on the end product being … Continue reading “Press Braking vs. Roll Forming in Metal Fabrication”

Why Should OEMs Outsource to Contract Manufacturers and Fabricators?

Over the last fifteen years, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have been consolidating. This has created an increased (and still-increasing) demand for quality contract manufacturers and fabricators. What’s the difference between an OEM and a contract manufacturer? The term “OEM” can have several definitions.  In general, it’s considered to be a company that produces finished parts … Continue reading “Why Should OEMs Outsource to Contract Manufacturers and Fabricators?”

EVS Metal’s Michael Miller Featured in “The Welder” Magazine

We could not be happier for Mike, or prouder to have him on the EVS Metal team! Check out the preview below, or read the full article on The Fabricator’s website.  “Sometimes a person’s true calling isn’t obvious at 22 years old. For Michael Miller of Austin, Texas, it wasn’t until age 37 that he … Continue reading “EVS Metal’s Michael Miller Featured in “The Welder” Magazine”

Inventory Management for Metal Fabricators

Inventory management is easily one of the least engaging, yet most complicated and impactful aspects of an organization that metal fabricators must learn to control. However, there are some universal strategies that successful fabricators employ in order to ensure both productivity and a healthy financial bottom line. #1: Go low. The top metal fabricators tend … Continue reading “Inventory Management for Metal Fabricators”

“The Fabricator” Talks Engineers vs. Fabricators

An excellent article was recently published in The Fabricator by one of our favorites, Editor-in-Chief Dan Davis, discussing the sometimes-complicated relationship between engineers and fabricators. In it, he makes the case that acknowledging and addressing problems with communication are half the battle. Check out the excerpt below for a preview. In late August The FABRICATOR’s Facebook page … Continue reading ““The Fabricator” Talks Engineers vs. Fabricators”

The Secret to Creating Great Metal Fabrication RFQs

At EVS Metal, we’re fortunate to have been able to work with some pretty amazing customers for going on 25 years now. However, this doesn’t mean we haven’t had our fair share of growing pains along the way. This also means we’ve been able to learn from whatever issues have cropped up, all of which … Continue reading “The Secret to Creating Great Metal Fabrication RFQs”

Wearable Tech + Manufacturing

From health tracking and physical fitness to fashion industry and contactless payments, wearable technology has boomed in the recent years. A ton of cool features already existed, and some new are introduced, and therefore this technology is expected to be a promising one in the business and enterprise world. Wearable devices have a place in … Continue reading “Wearable Tech + Manufacturing”

Metal Fabrication Careers: Spotlight on Industrial Design & Engineering

While many jobs in metal fabrication and manufacturing don’t require a 4-year degree, there are still a few careers that do. Today, we’re going to take a look at one of the great job “rivalries” in this area — industrial designer vs industrial engineer. Industrial Design vs Industrial Engineering One of the most popular blogs … Continue reading “Metal Fabrication Careers: Spotlight on Industrial Design & Engineering”

Stainless Steel Finishes: Which is Best for Your Product?

There are a number of factors that have to be considered when evaluating a stainless steel item for surface finishing. These include the type of material, product application and customer expectations. In this blog, we’ll take a look at three primary types of finishes: sanitary, fine, and mirror. Before we jump into stainless steel finishing … Continue reading “Stainless Steel Finishes: Which is Best for Your Product?”