2018 Metal Fabrication Industry Outlook

The Fabricator recently published an industry outlook for metal fabrication in 2018. Here are some of the highlights:  The Conference Board is expecting U.S. GDP to expand by about 2.5 percent next year, while capital spending will jump to 4.7 percent. Economic expansion has been going on so long that many are asking when the … Continue reading “2018 Metal Fabrication Industry Outlook”

Design for Assembly in Metal Fabrication Environments

The concept of “design for manufacturability” (DFM) is something we talk about quite a lot in the metal fabrication industry. However, “design for assembly” (DFA)  is just as important, if not as well-known. Starting in the 1960s, designers and engineers began to experiment with different rules around what would eventually evolve into modern DFA standards. … Continue reading “Design for Assembly in Metal Fabrication Environments”

FABTECH Through the Eyes of The Fabricator

EVS Metal executives spent much of last week attending the annual FABTECH show in Chicago, IL. While there’s little that can compare to actually being on the show floor, The Fabricator magazine did an excellent job of bringing daily highlights of the FABTECH experience to those unable to attend. Check out their first two summaries … Continue reading “FABTECH Through the Eyes of The Fabricator”

EVS Metal Hits the Road to FABTECH

You never know what kind of amazing products you’ll find at the annual FABTECH show in Chicago.  This year, our Vice President decided to make another major investment in fabrication automation with the purchase of an AMADA AMERICA, INC. HG1003-ATC (automatic tool changer) press brake right on the spot. This incredible machine makes tool setup so fast that … Continue reading “EVS Metal Hits the Road to FABTECH”

Design for Manufacturability in Metal Fabrication Environments

Design for manufacturability (also known as design for manufacturing or simply by the abbreviation DFM) is an engineering concept that places heavy emphasis on the ease and efficiency of end-product manufacture as part of the core design process. One of the primary reasons to integrate DFM theory into a product’s initial design is because it … Continue reading “Design for Manufacturability in Metal Fabrication Environments”

EVS Metal Founder Featured in Fab Shop Direct Magazine

EVS Metal’s co-founder and vice president Joe Amico was quoted heavily in a recent article by FabShop Magazine. Joe discussed EVS’s capabilities at length, in particular, recent investments in CNC machining equipment and laser cutting systems. Click on the screenshots below to read more! ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

Digital Manufacturing Industry Trends

  Catching the Digital Manufacturing Wave   There isn’t a week without the state of global manufacturing being discussed and scrutinized in media headlines. In the past, productivity gains stemmed from increasingly standardized processes. This led to a global industry characterized by mass production, in an effort to achieve economies of scale, geographic fragmentation, to … Continue reading “Digital Manufacturing Industry Trends”

Welding News: What’s the Latest?

The Fabricator has recently posted a number of articles about welding processes that we have found to be informative and interesting.  Check out the welding news summaries below, and if you want to read more, simply click through to the full post. Arc Welding 101: How many weld passes does it take?   First and … Continue reading “Welding News: What’s the Latest?”

EVS Metal Obtains New ISO 9001:2015 Certification Across All Four Metal Fabrication and Manufacturing Facilities

EVS Metal (, a leading American metal fabrication and manufacturing company, recently completed the process of ISO 9001:2015 certification across all four American facilities. ISO 9001 — the world’s most-respected and most-commonly-used set of standards for quality management systems (QMS) — is a set of strict guidelines defining best manufacturing practices that, when followed, allow … Continue reading “EVS Metal Obtains New ISO 9001:2015 Certification Across All Four Metal Fabrication and Manufacturing Facilities”

Tube Bending and Robotic Automation

Automation is by far the biggest and most rapidly-evolving trend in metal fabrication technologies. Most frequently, we see automation in areas like welding or in certain types of cutting applications, especially with the more advanced laser machines. However, the potential to automate the tube bending process has not been explored in much depth. In exploring … Continue reading “Tube Bending and Robotic Automation”