Stainless Steel Fabrications: Part of the Backbone of America

Stainless steel is used in an enormous variety of products and has an incredible number of applications. Yet, for all of its ubiquity, stainless steel isn’t a well-understood metal outside of metal manufacturing circles. What is stainless steel? Stainless steel is an iron alloy, meaning it is made up of at least two different chemical … Continue reading “Stainless Steel Fabrications: Part of the Backbone of America”

Welding Issue Found on U.S. Navy Missile Tubes

Last week’s Washington Post featured an article detailing issues found with welds on recently-produced U.S. Navy missile tubes for attack submarines. The article serves to underscore the importance of proper welding in metal fabrication, especially as it relates to defense manufacturing, where lives are often on the line and mistakes in fabrication can be deadly. … Continue reading “Welding Issue Found on U.S. Navy Missile Tubes”

Printed Sheet Metal That’s as Thin as a Newspaper?

“Researchers at Purdue University have developed a new manufacturing technique that uses a process similar to newspaper printing to form smoother and more flexible metals for making ultrafast electronic devices. “The low-cost process combines tools that metal manufacturing already uses on a large scale, but uses the speed and precision of roll-to-roll newspaper printing to … Continue reading “Printed Sheet Metal That’s as Thin as a Newspaper?”

EVS Metal Employee Wins SkillsUSA National Welding Sculpture Competition

We are very excited to announce that EVS Metal is now home to a national welding champion!  Several months ago, Mike Miller, welder and 5-year EVS Metal employee, won the SkillsUSA welding sculpture championship for his home state of Texas. This win earned him the opportunity to attend the 54th annual national championships in Louisville, KY, … Continue reading “EVS Metal Employee Wins SkillsUSA National Welding Sculpture Competition”

EVS Metal Fabrication Facility Video Tour

Ever wonder about the inner workings of a metal fabrication facility? EVS Metal takes you for an insider’s look via a video featuring our fabrication and finishing capabilities. 

EVS Metal is Front Page News on

There’s not much we love more than surfing over to The Fabricator’s website only to see EVS Metal featured on the homepage!  Read the article in its entirety by clicking on the image below:  

EVS Metal Featured in “The Fabricator” Magazine

EVS Metal is excited to share our featured article in this month’s The Fabricator magazine.  The July 2018 edition allowed us an opportunity to give readers an inside look at our Quality Assurance and Quality Control teams, detailing the different responsibilities and tasks required by each department. The article also showcases the ways in which QA & … Continue reading “EVS Metal Featured in “The Fabricator” Magazine”

“The Fabricator” Talks Trade War

EVS Metal has already weighed in regarding President Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs. If you haven’t yet read our blogs, you can read both parts by clicking here for part one, and here for part two. (Spoiler alert — we aren’t happy about them, and neither are most of those who are in some way … Continue reading ““The Fabricator” Talks Trade War”

EVS Metal Named a “FAB 40” Metal Fabricator for 9th Consecutive Year

EVS Metal, an American precision sheet metal fabricator of complex-machined and finished items, was named to “The Fabricator” magazine’s Fab 40 for the 9th consecutive year. Having made this important list since its inception, EVS is proud to be included again for 2018.  RIVERDALE, N.J. (PRWEB) JUNE 19, 2018 EVS Metal ( was recently named a … Continue reading “EVS Metal Named a “FAB 40” Metal Fabricator for 9th Consecutive Year”

Oops, We Did it Again! EVS Metal is a Fab 40 Fabricator One More Time

The Fabricator’s Fab 40 list of the top American metal fabricators is out for 2018 and EVS Metal has made it yet again. In fact, EVS has never missed a year since the list’s inception over a decade ago. How do we do it? Our people and their dedication to delivering a quality, consistent product … Continue reading “Oops, We Did it Again! EVS Metal is a Fab 40 Fabricator One More Time”